Dealership Efficiency

We provide the specifics necessary for your dealership to reach its maximum earning potential.

Inventory Management

We provide you with the inventory you need to be successful, and manage it with just in time delivery to ensure you always have the stock your customers desire.

Employee Management

We provide you with specific forms, handbooks, and coaching principles necessary to ensure you are properly leading your staff.

Quickbooks Management

We train you to effectively utilize your Quickbooks accounting software to provide the reports you need for your dealership to prosper.

Time Management

We assist you in managing your day in an efficient manor so you can do more in less time. Specific and targeted programs and applications will be provided for your use.

Money Management

We assist you in ensuring that your hard earned dollars are spent wisely in the areas of marketing and overall expense management.

Flagship Powersports.Inventory. Coaching. Results.


Flagship Powersports is a program that aids entrepreneurs and business owners in being as successful and profitable as possible within their dealerships. Our program is developed to train and coach entrepreneurs and business owners into running efficient and highly profitable dealerships.

Flagship Powersports is managed and coached by industry professionals with over 29 years of combined experience in the powersports field. We are currently accepting applications from dealerships across the USA.


No we do not! You own 100% equity in your company and control all day to day operations and decisions in your dealership. Our operating agreement requires that our coaching and assistance increase your revenue every year you are a part of the program!

Yes you can! Our most recent Flagship Dealer only had $500 saved when they approached us. We aided in the fundraising and supplied all the necessary inventory to the dealership to get them open!

This will highly depend on factors such as geographical location, acceptance of the coaching being provided, and the initiative displayed by the owners. That being said, an average Flagship Dealership should be reaching no less than $400,000 in sales in their second full year.


Would you like to speak to one of our Flagship Coaches  over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

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