Flagship Power Sports

Management History

With over twenty-nine years of combined experience, the team behind the Flagship Powersports has worked to build highly profitable and efficient dealerships. Their story begins in 2000, when the current-day president, Justin Jackrel, started down the path that has led him to the success this program can offer.

  • 2000

    First Scooters Are Sold

    While still in high school, Justin began selling gas-powered scooters both online and locally in Jacksonville, Florida. He had no idea how far he would go, but each day and month pushed on, continuing the growth of his company every year while attending the University of Florida.

  • 2004

    First Storefront

    Justin opened his first retail storefront as a Senior at the University of Florida, which focused on selling street-legal motor scooters to the local student population. By the end of 2004, the company had expanded to five employees.

  • 2006

    citEcar Electric Vehicles is Born

    By this time, the company had become well-known within the local marketplace. To continue the growth of the company and add diversity to the product line up, citEcar Electric Vehicles was born, a new brand of vehicles developed by the management team and built in the USA.

  • 2008

    Jason Joins the Team

    A student at the University of Florida, Jason Perske joins the team to eventually head up the company technical and dealer development program.

  • 2010

    Gainesville Lawnscaping Opens

    Due to a need in the Gainesville, Florida marketplace, Justin opened Gainesville Lawnscaping— full service lawn care and landscaping firm. Through daily coaching and consulting, he directed his brother-in-law, Blake, to run the company. Over the course of the first four years, Gainesville Lawnscaping quickly became one of the highest rated and most popular landscaping companies in the city, with sales increasing yearly. After sales increased to over $300,000, the company was sold to a longtime employee.

  • 2012

    Bintelli Scooters Arrive to the USA

    After years of experiencing serious problems with other scooter distributors—lack of quality, parts support, and communication—the right opportunity presented itself; Justin aligned with the highest quality scooter factory in China to develop his own brand, which he named Bintelli Scooters. He used some of the factory’s base concepts and models to add higher quality components, thereby offering a brand which remains unmatched for the price point. Bintelli Scooters’ products are the bestselling within Flagship Powersports Dealerships, with sales increasing every year since its inception.

  • 2013

    Jackson's E-Bike Business Thrives

    After a soft opening in 2012 with rentals, Jackson Haskell's electric bicycle business took off in the Northeast, chiefly in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Because 99% of sales were by word of mouth from previous customers, over 100 units were sold in just two months!

  • 2014

    Adly Scooters Joins The Family

    Adly, one of the top scooter brands in the world, approaches Bintelli Scooters to represent their brand. The two companies sign an exclusive agreement, in which Adly Scooters agrees to ship its products to the USA only through Bintelli Scooters. This Taiwanese brand of scooters is a perfect complement to the more affordable Bintelli branded scooters, and dealerships nationwide began successfully selling and promoting the addition of Adly.

  • 2015

    Relocated to Charleston, SC & Jackson Sells His Business

    Relocated company headquarters from Gainesville, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina. With approximately five times the building size along with the proximity to the Port of Charleston, the relocation is enabling Bintelli to continue the recent growth while having the room and resources to better serve their customers. Yearend sales were once again a company record. Lindsay joined the team to head up the administrative and graphic design departments. Prior to the relocation to Charleston, due to his noticeable success, Jackson was approached by a company in New England who wanted to acquire his complete operation. Jackson's success which led to the sale of his company left him with a great understanding of the challenges that a small business owner faces, which he uses each day as a Flagship Coach and Bintelli Dealer Support Specialist.

  • 2016

    Flagship Powersports is Born

    MARCH: The management team behind Bintelli collaborates to create Flagship Powersports, a firm dedicated to coaching small businesses to achieve greater profitability and efficiency. With a focus on powersport dealerships, a program is created to assist budding entrepreneurs with the opening of their dealerships. Once open, round the clock coaching and assistance is provided to maximize the earning potential for the dealership.

  • 2016

    First Flagship Dealership Joins

    APRIL: Jon and Collin, the owners of ScootTribe in Fayetteville, Arkansas become the first official dealership to join the Flagship Program.

  • 2016

    Named on Inc. 5000 List

    AUGUST: The management team was named on the Inc. 5000 list as the 2807th fastest growing private company in the United States of America, and representing the #1 fastest growing company within the Powersports industry.

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