The Flagship Powersports Program

First and foremost, you are probably wondering, “What exactly is the Flagship Program?” Great question! Very simply put, the program can be best described as a less restrictive franchise model – with a focus on powersports dealers. Most of our dealers promote products such as scooters, motorcycles, golf carts, low speed vehicles, atvs, and/or dirt bikes. Unlike with a franchise, with the Flagship Program you have full control of your company dynamic and culture. You choose your own business name, choose your hours of operation, what uniforms your employees wear, etc. With a franchise model you will generally pay tens of thousands of dollars up front. With the Flagship Program there are no upfront fees! Finally, the ongoing fees of the Flagship Program are roughly half of most franchises – so more of your money goes in your pocket!

The Flagship Program will provide you with:

  • Knowledge from a management team on the Inc. 5000 list
  • Access to coaches that are typically available up to 18 hours a day
  • The inventory that you need to fill your showroom
  • All the forms, resources, and tools you should need to run your dealership
  • Access to real estate experts for your location search
  • In person training to prepare you to be a dealership owner

… and tons more!

At Flagship Powersports, we are on a mission to find, aid and coach young entrepreneurs in the opening stages, fundraising, startup, and daily operation of a new powersport dealership. We are seeing the average age of powersport dealership owners continue to rise, with many of our dealers retiring over the last few years. We aim to infuse some youth into the industry to ensure cities around the country have dealerships open and available to them for decades to come!

Our program gives store owners access to their coaches on a daily basis, inventory for their showroom, direct access to me and our entire team’s 29+ years of knowledge, a 100+ page Book of Knowledge that we have written that details every aspect of running a successful dealership (and small business), trips out to SC for headquarters training, on site visits by the coach, and a whole lot more. One of our goals include aiding our dealerships in realizing profits in their second year in business that they may not have been able to earn in year five… if ever! This program is doing great things for the powersports industry and we are very excited for it!

Private Dealer Portal

Included with the Flagship Program is a plethora of how-to videos, diagrams, lists and diagrams that may be viewed 24/7 in the password protected dealer portal. Included below are two sample videos from the dealer portal.

Coaching Assistance

Our team of Flagship Coaches assist each dealership with all facets of their business operation, including but not limited to:
  • Time Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quickbooks and Monthly Reporting
  • Payroll Setup and Execution
  • Sales Training
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Company Culture
  • Daily Business Management
  • Service Center Profitability and Set Up
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Goal Setting
  • Multi Owner Mediation / Counseling
  • Real Estate Search
  • Competition Evaluation
  • Merchandising
  • Upselling
  • Employee Benefits
  • Social Media